Own for yourself, the web’s greatest VIP Hacks today!

Game Anarchy is promised exactly what it entitles, the best VIP hacking experience on the web!

These are the few games that you could hack using Ga’s VIP Hacks:

– Combat Arms ( NA/SA/A )

– Combat Arms ( EURO )

– Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2

Keep in mind that you have to pay $25 only through Paypal.

Please check us out at www.Gameanarchy.com!

If you have made up your mind, and decide you want to purchase this then follow these steps.

1. Register at: http://gameanarchy.net/666/index.php?action=register

2. Read the rules about the site (you can view it below on the ‘Rules and Faqs’ post).

3. Check out the cool features (scroll further down for which ever game your interested in hacking). And if the game isn’t listed on there like Crossfire or the others, than just go to www.GameAnarchy.com under the forums section, and look under the games to view the ones you want.

4. Purchase a subscription at: http://gameanarchy.net/666/index.php?gaion=profile;sa=subscriptions

Have fun owning all your enemies, and don’t forget to check GameAnarchy’s homepage for hack updates.


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Rules & Faqs of Game Anarchy


Subscription Information
  • You are not buying a Hack, you are buying Subscription Access to our private forums!
  • No Refunds
  • No Swapping Subscriptions
  • No Freezing Subscriptions
  • It is your responsibility to CANCEL Paypal Subscriptions
  • Service may be discontinued at anytime for any reason
  • You are responsible for your own payments through paypal, if your paypal automatically pays again it is your problem not GameAnarchy’s we have no control over your paypal.
    If you have a recurring subscription and don’t want it to pay again automatically here is how to cancel it:
    1.  Log in to your PayPal account.
    2.  Click History under My Account at the top of the page.
    3.  Choose Subscriptions from the Show drop-down menu.
    4.  Check the From box and change the date back to the year the subscription was created.
    5.  Click Search, and then click Details.
    6.  Click Cancel Subscription.
    7.  Click Cancel Subscription again.
  • You can only use our VIP on a SINGLE Computer
  • Your Account will be Hardware Locked the first time using
  • Extentions MAY be given for downtime
  • Features may be missing or removed
  • We have NO set time for updates, it may take hours, days or weeks
  • You can’t PM users until you buy a subscription
  • No Flaming
  • Don’t Bump threads
  • Don’t Spam
  • NO racist Stuff
  • Respect ALL Admins/Mods and Owners
  • Do Not Advertise Other Hack Site’s
  • No Posting of Warez of any kind
  • Do Not Use Proxies to access forums
  • No selling/trading of anything
  • Sig’s can be no bigger than 500 x 175 including Words & Pics
  • Account security is your responsibility, If you are hacked for whatever reason, You need to fix it, GameAnarchy is not obliged to give you any extenion due to your negligence.
Paypal FAQ
  • If you use a Credit Card, you subscription will start immediately.
  • If you use your existing balance, your subscription will start immediately.
  • If you use your bank account, your subscription will start immediately.
  • If you use an eCheck, your subscription will NOT start immediately.
    It will take days for the check to be processed by the bank and by the GA Paypal account.
  • If you do use an eCheck, do not post on the forums saying that you did not get your hacks.
    Please wait patiently for a few days as it is processed. Your subscription will still be 30 days and not be decreased.
  • If you have bought the subscription but it is not showing up, email admin@gameanarchy.com
    Include the Paypal Transaction ID, Paypal Email used, and Forum Name

*Combat Arms Features List (NA/SA/A and Euro)*

Here’s the complete list of Game Anarchy’s Hacks for Combat Arms.

Here’s another source for the Combat Arms Feature Guide: http://gameanarchy.net/666/index.php?topic=13960.0



* Visible
* Friendly
* Auto Fire
* Auto Aim
* Off After
* Spawn Check
* Lead Prediction
* Aimbot Distance

Aim Method

* Distance
* Xhair


* Tele Kill
* Super Bullets
o Random Bone
* Trigger Bot

Bone Selection

* HeadThis
* ChestThis
* Advanced (Custom)

Weapon Mods

* No Recoil
* No Spread
* No Scope Sway
* Instant Zoom
* Always Crosshair
* Unlimited Ammo/No Reload  (Combined because No reload will only work with our unlimited ammo)



* Satellite Chams
* Name Tags
* Health Bars
* Tracers
* No Fog
* Full Bright
* No Model Textures
* Model Fullbright
* Wire Frame
* Model Wireframe
* Remove Gun
* Skeleton
* 2D Box
o Draw Lines
* Impact Points
* Frag Impact
* Remove Smoke
* Remove Camera Shake
* Remove Weather
* Remove Debris
* Show FPS



Aimbot Target

Bone Marks

Mini Map

* Size
* Scale
* Dots



* Clock
o Auto Center Clock
* Winamp Track Information
* Lock Menu View
* Any Distance Pickup Hack
* Windowed Mode
* Crash on Elite Kick
o Disconnect Key


* Master Key
* Menu Key
* Aimbot Key
* Glitch Key
* Suicide Key
* Mega Kill Key
* Bring all Weapons on Map to You
* Bring all Items on Map to You

Speed Hack

Jump Hack

Ingame Spammer

Fly Mode
* Fly
* Hover


* Save
* Load


Ghost Mode

* Ghost Mode Button
* Ghost Key

Ghost Options

* Ghost Mode Indicator
* Body Protection
* Always Glitch
* Enable Fly Only in Ghost
* Ghost Speed
* Ghost Jump
* Teleport Options
o Teleport
o Invert View
o Distance


* Shit List
* Friend List
Other Features

* Winamp Controls
* Savable Profiles
* Advanced Clickabe GUI
* Hackshield Undetected

Original Source: http://gameanarchy.net/666/index.php?topic=16342.0

Video Presented by Flamez

Available at www.GameAnarchy.com

*Modern War Fare 2 VIP Features List*

Modern Warfare 2 hack, The features included in this hack are listed below:


  • 2D Radar
  • Draw Line
  • Draw Dots
  • Name Tags
  • Draw Cross
  • Stance Tags
  • Weapon Tags
  • Grenade Tags
  • Threat Warning
  • Bounding Boxes
  • Draw Only Enemies
  • Draw Only Friendlies
  • Visible Tags ( Changes Tag Color Depending On Visibility )


  • Auto Aim
  • Auto Fire
  • Auto Stab
  • Auto Zoom
  • Instant Zoom
  • Remove Recoil
  • Bone Selection ( Head, Neck, Check )
  • Aim Styles ( Aim By Distance, Aim By Crosshair )
  • Push And Hold ( Aims Only While Aimkey Is Held )


  • FPS
  • Time
  • Crosshair
  • Auto Spam Message
  • Matchmaking Fix ( Get In Servers Easily )

Video Presented by Flamez

Available at www.GameAnarchy.com


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